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Our IAIDL certification programs, delivered through an active network, enable individuals and organizations to assess, build and certify their competence in the use of artificial intelligence components and 4th revolution tools to the globally recognized standard.

Basic Certification

This certificate provides essential knowledge of AI and understands all the related information for our 8 modules.

Advanced Certification

This certificate provides Advance knowledge & skill of using and implementing AI with all its supportive Tools.

AIMA Assessor

This certificate provides the required knowledge and skill of using and Implementing AIMA Assessment (Artificial Intelligence Maturity Assessment).

Both levels of IAIDL program (Basic
& Advanced) will provide you with:
Certificate of
Earning certifications Procedures
Basic Level
Does not require prerequisites except for a minimum of
a bachelor’s degree and passing pre-assessment exam.
Advanced Level
IAIDL Basic certification is a prerequisite.
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What Is AIMA

It is the first toolkit to rank organizations according to their capacity for artificial intelligence and FMT; specifically measuring Strategy , investment, innovation and implementation. Based on a uniquely detailed dataset, covering a wide range of metrics, Aligned with Global AI Index proposes a comprehensive new framework.

Be ready, certified to assess your institution's needs for AI growth and get AIMA Certificate to lead the change as an AIMA Assessor.

TBuilding on several similarly minded initiatives, including a “Data Maturity Framework” aligned with Future Management tools presented by the University of Chicago’s Data Science for Social Good program, AIMA Toolkit focuses on six main dimensions of readiness:
Defining the Real entity challenges That AI and FMT can help to address.
Leveraging the right technologies and best practices among the main 7 techs.
Optimizing operations and developing a strong team.
Generating and processing the right data.
Assessing return on investment.
Other considerations such as evaluating buy-in from key stakeholders.

Benefits of AIMA

To develop and implement policy-based initiatives around artificial intelligence and FMT; its adaptation.
Ongoing Use of Business and Service provision and beyond.
Build an Agile organization that adopt AI and FMT as part of organization DNA.
Minimize the I-Transformation Overheads for organizations. and priorities FMT tools based on the Organization ROI.

Benefits of understanding the GAII and AIMA

To summarize complex or multi-dimensional issues.
To offer a rounded assessment of countries’ and organization performance.
To place countries’ and organization performance at the center of the policy arena.
To facilitate communication with ordinary citizens and different employees' level.
To enable judgments to be made on countries’ and organization efficiency.
To be used for benchmarking countries and organizations of best performance.
To indicate which countries represent the priority for improvement efforts.
To stimulate the search for better data and better analytical efforts.
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